Is Laser Hair Removal for me?

Laser hair removal is a great way to avoid the daunting task of shaving.   An average woman spends about FOUR hours a year just shaving!    For people with unsightly hair that could spend years plucking or waxing, laser hair removal can permanently remove that hair so it’s no longer a burden.  Many people love  laser hair removal  because of their  sensitive skin and the razor burn or rash they get shortly after shaving.  Laser hair removal helps eliminate that and can even deal with the stubborn ingrown hairs many women experience in their bikini area.  Many women also find that as they age or after they have kids (and the crazy raging hormones) they will notice dark hairs on their chin or upper lip popping up.  For them, laser hair removal alleviates that anxiety you get when sitting in a meeting or going on a date and wondering if any of those hairs are visible to the person sitting across from you.  So whether you’d choose to do laser just for the convenience (imagine NOT having to shave in a hurried morning in the shower!) or out of necessity you will be really happy you did.