Does Laser Hair Removal really work?

This is probably the most important question I get asked. And there are many variables that can determine if laser is actually going to work for you. The most important of these is hair color. The laser only effectively works on DARK hair so blond, gray and white hair will not respond to the laser! Another big one is timing of your treatments. I often hear from people that say their laser hair removal treatments didn’t work for them and my first question is always how close were their treatments. Most people tell me they were being treated about every 4-5 weeks at their other laser center. Well, that is TOO soon! And, you definitely won’t get good results. Laser hair removal is all about timing. The hair goes through different cycles and it is important to make sure your treatments are timed appropriately. If you receive a treatment too soon you are essentially treating nothing because the hair isn’t back in the follicle and therefore the treatment won’t work for the long term. Everyone is a little different but most people find that they need 8-9 weeks in between their bikini and underarm treatments and almost 12 weeks between their leg treatments! Following these steps will give you optimal results when it comes to laser hair removal. When all the guidelines are followed laser hair removal is VERY effective! All of this and more is explained during your initial consult. To schedule your complimentary consultation with free underarm treatment please call our office at 703-779-7783.

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog about laser hair removal.  I talk to people everyday that are so curious about laser hair removal but that have so many questions and aren’t ready to take the leap of faith into laser hair removal.  This blog will answer those questions and ones you didn’t even know to ask!  Feel free to leave comments below if there is something you want to talk about!