How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal is an awesome technology to rid us of unwanted hair!  The laser (which is essentially a very strong, powerful light) heats up the pigment in the hair which then travels through and damages the follicle from which that hair is growing so that it can no longer grow a hair.  Pretty cool, huh?!  Having pigment in the treated hair is essential to laser hair removal which is why it won’t work on blonde, red, grey or white hairs-just not enough pigment!  The laser, during the treatment will only permanently affect the hairs that are in the Anagen growth phase (also known as the active growth phase) which is typically about 30% of your hairs at any given time.  hair-growth-cycle2This is the reason it will take more than one treatment to get rid of all the hair in an area.  But what about the other hairs that aren’t treated permanently at that session? Those hairs will fall out!  After the treatment, because ALL of the hair has been “stunted” by the laser they will all fall out (usually over the course of 2-3 weeks after treatment).  This period of time usually last 3-10 weeks depending upon the area that was treated and is your “time off” from having to shave!

In timing your treatments it is ESSENTIAL to make sure all of your hair has returned before your next treatment. You must have the hair back in the follicles because they need to be heated by the laser to once again damage the follicle.  BE WARY of any place that has you come back for a treatment sooner than 6 weeks!  Typically facial hair can be treated about 6 weeks apart but underarms and bikini can require 8 weeks and areas like the legs and men’s backs can take anywhere from 10-12 weeks for full regrowth to ensure you are ready for your next treatment.

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